Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cockle Doodle Don't!

Things not to do when you're icing your roosters:
Don't get air pockets in your icing. Punctured piping is a breakdown.

"Keep your fingers off my face, thank you. Now I've got a dent."
"And what's up with the bad make-up job on my forehead? I need concealer #2, not #15!!)

Don't get impatient. This wayward eye got doused with rooster icing before his time.

This is our summer special, the Fake Bake kookie. No, actually, someone (who shall remain nameless) forgot to reserve enough icing to flood the kookie with the same color as the outline. Durrrr. To boot, she must've not dried her squeeze bottle thoroughly before adding the icing to the bottle, because a water spurt clearly happened on the top, or this lil' guy not only has a bad tan, but he also has a nasty streakline on his forehead (must've not wiped down the mist tan after getting out of the booth).


  1. Practice makes perfect! You'll get there. Love reading about your experiences.

  2. Oh, I hate when that happens! I've had some luck with this fix...if you notice the water droplet in your thinned icing, try blotting it out with a paper towel right away.



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