Sunday, October 25, 2009

Even Scientists Like Kookies

Thanks Genentech for the order! We don't know what Process Improvement Awards are, but we hope our kookies made it taste better!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Loca Kookie Lady!

Even after our huge order this past week, making, baking, decorating, packaging, labeling, and delivering over 800 kookies, Dina still did 50 more for her son's preschool Halloween Faire in the eleventh hour. Esa mujer es loca!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Blitz

This week was crazy with Halloween kookies. The 500 order for a Halloween party inspired the 4 pack you see here. And incidentally, we're very happy to say that this four pack is ALL NATURAL. That's right people, as in no preservatives and no chemical additives and all that fun stuff that moms don't really like to see in their kids' food, but will sometimes pretend is not there anyway. We've created this option of All-Natural food coloring for the people that can't pretend. While we prefer the vibrancy that regular ol' food coloring gives our icing, we get that our organic kookies are very compatible with all-natural icing. Enjoy!

DBK Identified

In case you were wondering what Death by Kookie looks like, here it is:
140 for Genentech in the front drying and 535 in the back for GGMG's Halloween Party. Whew.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calling in Sick to our Blog: We have DBK

We've been sort of absent lately, and that's because we've been struck with a phenomenon that we'll call "Death by Kookie" or DBK (cue ominous music here). DBK is when the orders are huge and all-consuming, but so are our lives. Basically, the equation is something like: family needs + mass kookie orders = AAAACKKKK!!!

The good news is that we're optimists (or at least Wendy is) and we learn from our experiences. So we know now how to manage the kookie production better to make sure that home life still feels good and we return to sleeping at least 12 hours each night and eating bon bons all day. Oh, just kidding, but we're at least shooting for not being so exhausted for preschool drop-offs in the morning!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Well, we're not really stupid, although sometimes we certainly feel that way. But the point is that sometimes a cookie cutter is so cute, it doesn't call for much. Here's a 4 pack of animals that we did for a baby shower.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Little Big Guy

Dina's little man turned 3 last Monday and she made these little party favors for his playground party.
Sanding sugar on these 3's because Dina packaged them before the 3 had time to dry! Lesson learned. Lesson number 2? Sanding sugar is a nice cover up (not like a beach sarong, but for icing mess-ups).
Here are the ones that managed to dry before Dina got her grubby fingers on them.


We don't like to get dirty (unless it's in flour), but our art is copyright protected. Dina will drop the apron and throw back on her attorney suit if need be. Just ask!