Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calling in Sick to our Blog: We have DBK

We've been sort of absent lately, and that's because we've been struck with a phenomenon that we'll call "Death by Kookie" or DBK (cue ominous music here). DBK is when the orders are huge and all-consuming, but so are our lives. Basically, the equation is something like: family needs + mass kookie orders = AAAACKKKK!!!

The good news is that we're optimists (or at least Wendy is) and we learn from our experiences. So we know now how to manage the kookie production better to make sure that home life still feels good and we return to sleeping at least 12 hours each night and eating bon bons all day. Oh, just kidding, but we're at least shooting for not being so exhausted for preschool drop-offs in the morning!

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