Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learning by Mistakes

We remember when we were kids and our moms used to tell us that you can learn through your mistakes. We didn't know how right our moms were until, well, until we started dating, but apparently, this applies to our kookies as well! Photo montage now:

Our little kookies, all piped with blue.
Lesson 1: You need to pipe with a bigger pastry tip.

Our little kookies, flooded with blue.
Lesson 2: Don't be lazy. Don't use the icing you have; use the icing it needs.
Lesson 3: The blue from yesterday is not the blue from today (Ok, we already knew that, but that was a previous lesson learned!).

A house can't be built on a cruddy foundation.
Lesson 4: aka, You can't put lipstick on a pig.

Our poor little elephants. They didn't deserve this. We promised we've learned and will try harder (i.e., with good lighting, proper consistency icing, and more patience) next time. Incidentally, when we say "we," by the way, we mean Dina.

And the final lesson:
Lesson 5: When you muck it up, you must try try again!


  1. If only I were there to eat all your "mistakes" - looks like things are coming together! Yippee :)

  2. i don't know, they look pretty cute and damn tasty to me...



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