Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's Up with "Kookie"???

Mmm...yes, terribly annoying, isn't it? That purposeful misspelling. You might think it was because we wanted to be cute. Not. You might think it was because it was a play on the word "kooky" (like, look how kooky we are naming our business Hello Kookie). Nope, not it either.

Instead, the reason why we are not Hello Cookie is because there is a domain squatter sitting on Hello Cookie. These domain squatters like to sit there and sit there until people decide they want that name and then guess what? Oh, they'll sell it to you for a measly fee of 2000 bucks (pretty good margin they're working, eh? Maybe the cookie business isn't the right business to be in...). In any event, since we're not backed by any venture capitalists (the Valley just doesn't seem to be interested in a little cookie company), we came up with some creative solutioning and Hello Kookie was born. And look, now we're the squatters until we can get our website up and running.

So maybe C isn't for cookie...maybe K is for kookie...and that's good enough for us! (And we're putting dollars to donuts that the Cookie Monster would gobble our treats up despite the misspelling).

P.S. For the interested, here's the definition of kooky.

P.S.S. We will now officially refer to our cookies as kookies. But don't worry, we're just branding. A chocolate chip cookie is still a chocolate chip cookie!

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